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HIPAA Awareness and Compliance Training

Recognizing that the delivery and the efficiency of health care could be improved through stronger integration of an electronic health information infrastructure, in 2009 Congress passed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, launching an unprecedented effort to spur the adoption and use of information technology (IT) throughout the health system.

Since the passage of the HITECH Act, the health information technology landscape has dramatically evolved. Hospitals and health care providers are using health IT at unprecedented levels. In 2008, only 17 percent of physicians and nine percent of hospitals had at least a basic electronic health record (EHR). As of 2015, 96 percent of hospitals and 78 percent of physician offices were using certified EHR technology. In short, a significant majority of individuals in the United States now have a digital footprint of their health and care experience, generating new sources and uses of this electronic health information every day.

NASW and the NASW Legal Defense Fund have joined with Medelearn® to provide a powerful online training solution custom tailored for social workers. Engaging e-learning experiences including professional graphics and work scenarios.

  • Basic and Advanced level courses.
  • Instant test scores! Test until you pass.
  • One-Year access to course content.

A brief summary of the offerings is listed here. Click "Preview" below for a detailed description or to purchase courses.
Members     $35 per person for one course
  $99 per person for the Comprehensive HIPAA package
Non-Members     $45 per person for one course
  $129 per person for the Comprehensive HIPAA package

You can purchase the Medelearn® courses for an individual or group with one transaction. You will receive an ID and Password that each participant will use the first time he or she accesses the system.
Each student will have access to go in and out of the courses and take the final exam for up to one (1) year after their purchase. Once students have successfully passed the final exam (with a final grade of 80% or better), they will be able to print certificates of completion.
Medelearn® offers a variety of packages. Please preview the available courses and packages to determine which are best for you.

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